Direction câble boîte (type européen) DFW-12/630

Direction câble boîte (type européen) DFW-12/630

Products Overview

DFW-12/630 cable split-box (European type) is an outdoor design with a gold-sealed structure, and the protection grade of the cabinet is up to IP33. The cable joint bracket is made of stainless steel, and the shell is made of high-quality stainless steel plate.The interior of the box is divided into two parts: bus compartment and cable bin by the cable bin roof.
The busbar chamber is a sealed chamber enclosed by 2mm steel plate.The cable connector bracket is located in the upper part of the bus compa rtment, which is used to support the sleeve, and the sleeve is used to fix the cable connector. The distance between the two phases of the cable connector is 180mm.If it is a lightning arrester type, the rear end of the lightning arrester mounted cable connector.In addition, short circuit  indicator and live display are also installed in the bus room.All live parts of bus room,The parts are treated with strict silicone rubber insulation.
The cable is located at the lower part of the bus room, which is the channel for the cable to enter and exit.

Types of Meaning

Application Conditions

1.Ambient temperature: maximum temperature: +40℃, minimum temperature: -30℃;

2.Wind speed: quite 34m/s (no more than 700Pa);

3.Humidity: the daily average relative humidity should not be greater than 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity should not be greater 
than 95%

4.shockproof: the horizontal acceleration shall not be greater than 0.4m/s2;

5.installation environment: the surrounding gas is not corrosive, flammable gas, water vapor and other obvious pollution, the installation site is not violent vibration,

Note: please consult with us when ordering this product in excess of the above conditions.

Main  Technical Parameters

No Project Unit Parameter
1 Rated Voltage KV 12
2 Rated Current A 630
3 Rated Frequency  Hz 50
4 Rated thermal stability current KA/s 43910
5 Rated dynamic stability current (peak) KA 50
6 Power Frequency  KA/min 16438
7 Lightning shock Withstand oltage  KV 105
8 Connection resistance μΩ 40
9 Conductor operating temperature ≤9.5
10 Partial discharge PC/KV ≤10/13
11 Humidity test KV/h 11/100Pass
12 Applicable cable type   XLPE
13 Applicable cable cross section mm² 25-400
14 Applicable ambient temperature -90
15 Applicable altitude m ≤3000
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